Upcoming Training (Berlin)

4-Day WebAssembly Security Training
Feb 10 – 13 at The Westin Grand, Berlin.

Upcoming Training (Singapore)

4-Day WebAssembly Security Training
Mar 29 – Apr 1 during SHACK at Singapore.

Upcoming Training (Amsterdam)

3-Day WebAssembly Security Training
Apr 20 – 22 during HITB Amsterdam.

Upcoming Training (Las Vegas)

4-Day WebAssembly Security Training
Aug 1 – 4 during RingZer0.

On-site Training

WebAssembly and Rust security Trainings are also available at a location of your choice.


We offer the world’s first WebAssembly Security training in 4 or 5 days format. We only provide 2 days Rust Security training. All our onsite trainings start at just 5 participants. Customization of the training is possible, but need to be request as soon as possible.

Check out the training content we can offer.


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